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World Smell Day is 31 – in 2019!

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Have You Ever Thought About Training Your Sense of Smell ?

At a recent business meeting I was asked – ‘what is the mission statement of World Smell Day ?’ This took me unawares since I have always regarded world smell day (WSD) as an educational and artistic exercise, and I have evidently avoided using conventional business language.

There is an obvious answer which is implicit in all the publicity about WSD over the past two decades. So – this is the WSD mission statement –

The core idea of WSD is to introduce people all over the world to the ‘Joy of Smelling.’ The idea is to wake-up their smell brains and to get them smelling the world around them; the subtle flavours and aromas of their foods and drinks; the fragrant winds blowing across the fields and oceans; and the comforting smell of their houses. And life is lived a little bit more vibrantly when you begin to pay attention to the scent signals which are all around us each day of our lives. We are sensory creatures and we must exercise our senses; including the often neglected sense of smell; if we are to live a full life.

    • To help the world with nose training, the Aroma Academy, one of the sponsors of World Smell Day, has introduced a series of nose training kits including ;
      • Wine Aroma Kit
      • Whisky Aroma Kit
      • Gin Aroma Kit
      • Bourbon Aroma Kit
      • Rum Aroma Kit

May you enjoy all the aromas and scents of the world on the 16th June – World Smell Day

World Smell Day 2019 is sponsored by Aroma Academy™ and Perfume Academy™ - trading divisions of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited.