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World Smell Day is 31 – in 2019!

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World Smell Day Quizzes

We thought, as a Aroma and Perfume enthusiast, that you might like to enjoy tackling these fun Quizzes as a celebration of World Smell Day.

There is something for everyone in the Quizzes - many questions that amateur enthusiasts of scent will find easy and the odd question or two that might even challenge the olfactory neurones of the perfumers, allied professional smellers and connoisseurs!


The winners of each quiz will receive an Aroma Kit of their choice (value £99.95 from our sponsor Aroma Academy – click to view)

The competition will end on 31st July 2019 - and the winners will be announced on this site on the 31 st of August 2019 - along with the correct answers (with, in some cases, a brief commentary).

So - in the spirit of World Smell Day - get your scent brain working on all cylinders - and get going on the Quizzes

Please tick one box for each question and enter your email address carefully at the end of each quiz so we can contact you.


World Smell Day 2019 is sponsored by Aroma Academy™ and Perfume Academy™ - trading divisions of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited.