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World Smell Day is 31 – in 2019!

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Your Precious Individuality

'My very heart faints and my whole soul grieves
At the moist rich smell of rotting leaves.'

If you remember one thing, and one thing only, about your sense of smell it is this – your sense of smell is unique and so your repertoire of smell preferences is unique and are probably not shared with anyone else on earth.

The Perfume Academy was one of the pioneers in satisfying the uniqueness of your sense of smell by creating personal perfumes for clients - an activity started in the 1970s by Dr George Dodd.

The many, many books on wine and whisky and gourmet foods preach the same mantra – choose what appeals to you. What they do not tell you is that the origin of this intense personal preference lies in your nose. Your favourite perfume is the one you have created for yourself and which reflects your unique spectrum of smell preferences.

The precious individuality of your sense of smell comes from both Nature and also Nurture. For example, one set of your genes - called the HLA genes - are absolutely unique to you and they may (we are not certain yet) allow you to be aroused by the body scent of just a few potential partners. In other words, it may be your nose which is best at identifying an optimum breeding partner (or lover, if you prefer this)!

Your early exposure to specific aromas and scents (Nurture) will also provide you with vital mood memories and these will probably reflect your smell culture.

'When all men smell good,
and the cheeks of girls
are as baked bread to the mouth.’
(Laurie Lee)


'There was a young lady of Chiswick,
Who consulted a Doctor of Physic;
He tested her pheromones
And sexual performones
Then prescribed her a strong aphrodisic.'


There was an old housewife of Staines,
Who complained to a man of the drains.
The council man spat:
‘I’ve removed the dead cat.
Now it’s only the smell that remains.’


Church Going
'Once I am sure there’s nothing going on
I step inside, letting the door thud shut.
Some ruin-bibber, randy for antique,
Or Christmas-addict, counting on a whiff
Of gown-and-bands and organ-pipes and myrrh?'
(Philip Larkin)

World Smell Day 2019 is sponsored by Aroma Academy™ and Perfume Academy™ - trading divisions of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited.