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Scent as Therapy

World Smell Day 2017 witnessed the official release of a new scent experience developed by Dr George Dodd.

Oceanic Amber™ is the first in a range of Scientific Aromatherapy™ scent experiences.

It is a:

  • New
  • Safe
  • Non-drug
  • Scientific
  • Olfactory

approach that delivers a memorable aromatic experience. It has also been designed with the objective of promoting a feeling of well being and relaxation that could prove beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety.

Oceanic Amber™ is a scent experience - not a perfume or a medicine. The experience is designed to work on the intrinsic emotional responses to the aroma via the brain's smell receptors.

Simply sniff the scent on the smelling strips provided with the scent, as often as you wish, and immerse yourself in a wonderful olfactory scent experience

Oceanic Amber™ is a complex scent experience which evolves over time as you immerse yourself in your own olfactory world! The scent includes bright green sea scents, the tang of the ocean, delicate herbal notes, exotic floral aromas and finally develops to reveal one of the most magical scents of all – a real gift from the ocean – the unmistakeable aroma of Ambergris.

Scientific Aromatherapy – A New Approach

The new field of Scientific Aromatherapy™ (in which George is a pioneer with decades of relevant experience) uses all of the methods of traditional Aromatherapy but with the key difference that the new developments include the use of much more efficacious Aroma Molecules than are possible with conventional Aromatherapy.

Any brain drug - even the mildest - enters the bloodstream in significant quantities which can cause side effects. Instead of targeting a specific brain centre, most brain drugs also affect several other centres and therefore cause the additional and troublesome side effects.

The Scientific Aromatherapy™ approach is fundamentally different from the brain drug approach and is based on decades of experience and research related to the Sense of Smell by Dr Dodd.

In essence, specific scent molecules are sensed by the primary smell nerves which are outside of the brain in the upper region of the nose. This sensation initiates an endogenous series of steps that activate emotions and memory centres in the brain using the intrinsic physiological mechanisms. These innate molecular physiological mechanisms are, of course, the basis of scent memories and associated emotional responses.

For more information regarding Oceanic Amber™ Click Here


World Smell Day 2019 is sponsored by Aroma Academy™ and Perfume Academy™ - trading divisions of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited.