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World Smell Day is 31 – in 2019!

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History of World Smell Day

Some of the Key Events & Developments Touching my Smell and Aroma Life during the past 29 years of WSD - A personal commentary by Dr George Dodd

1988: 1st World Smell Day

1988: Publication of Perfumery: The Psychology & Biology of Fragrance. (eds S Van Toller & G H Dodd) – proceedings of the world’s 1st conference on the then new field of the Psychology of Perfumery – at the University of Warwick.

1988 - present: The invention and flourishing of the World Wide Web (Tim Berners-Lee & colleagues). Unlike the fax and written text technology with which we started WSD – we can now truly have interactive access to the world. The WWW is the greatest cultural revolution of our time and, along with the invention of printing technology in the 15th century, probably one of the greatest cultural revolutions in human history

1988 - present : The incredible advances in the technology of mobile phones and other devices. How different our lives are now – but they still lack the aroma dimension. However, relax, at Warwick we are developing the technology for delivering aromas via your mobile phone.

1988 - present : The rise and rise of ‘Aromatherapy.’ I am an Aromatherapist, as well as being a perfumer and an Aroma Scientist but sadly this field is full of “Anti-Science” folk who believe that essential oils have magical properties in addition to their pretty odours - the scientific evidence does not support such views.

1995: The world’s smell biotechnology company – Kiotech international plc is formed – but is later turned into an aquaculture company as result of discoveries I made with human pheromones.

2007: World’s 1st Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit launched

2008: On the evening of St Valentines Day, by invitation, George Dodd holds the world’s first Sniff-Dating Event at the London Science Museum – a great osmical success.

2011: World’s 1st Gin Aroma Nosing Kit launched

2015: World’s 1st Bourbon Aroma Nosing Kit launched

2017: World’s 1st Rum Aroma Nosing Kit launched

2017: Launch of Oceanic Amber: A New, Safe, Non-drug, Scientific Aromatherapy Scent Experience

World Smell Day 2019 is sponsored by Aroma Academy™ and Perfume Academy™ - trading divisions of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited.