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World Smell Day is 31 – in 2019!

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10 Things About Your Sense of Smell

and also Aromas and Scents – that perchance you might not know

  1. Smell receptors have been found in our skin.

  2. The levels of natural rose oil – a natural product that has been used for centuries – are now severely limited in perfumes.

  3. A smelly sulphur-containing molecule - at just the precise level - lends an exquisite charm to 25 year old rums

  4. Your scalp contains the sexual pheromone of the billy goat

  5. When perfume adverts refer to the flower and other scent notes in the perfume – they do not mean to indicate that the perfume actually contains the corresponding natural scent oils

  6. An average human can detect some very smelly molecules at a dilution of one part in a thousand, million, million.

  7. Some cancers emit odours that can be detected by sniffer dogs

  8. The catty note in your vintage Cabernet Sauvignons is not cat pee but the pheromone calling card of the tom cat

  9. Connoisseurs of fine spirits – wines; whisky; rum; gin; and the others - are made not born – the secret is simply training your sense of smell

  10. Some classical perfumes were indeed olfactory aphrodisiacs but are no longer because musks and other animal products are banned

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