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World Smell Day is 31 – in 2019!

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The 31st World Smell Day

16th June 2019

World Smell Day began in 1988 and is a celebration of the Sense of Smell. The founder - and continuing driving force behind World Smell Day (WSD) - is Dr George Dodd.

“On World Smell Day our olfactory abilities are celebrated in prose, poetry, music and of course through Scents and Aromas. It is a day pregnant with Joycean possibilities and an appreciation of Leopold Bloom’s love of scents and aromas (check the date!) ” George Dodd

(Dr George Dodd, the founder of World Smell Day, working on new Aroma Academy projects in his laboratory in the Highlands of Scotland)

Some Scent & Smell Trends 2019

We are struck by some of the remarkable developments in the world of Scents, Aromas & Smells since we started working in this domain many decades ago.

We mention some here. You can Google to get detailed information.
Keep your nose alert for further ‘nose-news.’

  • Using Sniffer Dogs to diagnose diseases – with a single sniff. We worked a lot with sniffer dogs some years ago and they are great fun. In a rational world when you go to a hospital you would be quiz-sniffed by a panel of trained dogs. We invented electronic noses at the University of Warwick and currently Prof James Covington is using this approach to diagnose diseases.

  • In the drinks world many people around the world are taking pride in training their noses and instead of being passive participants they are easily becoming connoisseurs by using the training kits of our sponsors (

  • The rise of a scientific approach to using special aroma molecules for relaxation effects. One such is the ‘Oceanic Amber’ . This is still at the research stage but some remarkable effects have been achieved.

A sniff a day – keeps the doctor at bay!

It is important to reflect, in what can be a stressful modern world and in times of temporary financial gloom, that it costs nothing to enjoy the free smells which are all around you! You can enjoy endless hours tracking down the scent from flowers and other sources of smell in your everyday life.

' t’ is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses.'
(Nathaniel Parker Willis "The Month of June")

We hope that World Smell Day will introduce you to the world of Scents, Aromas, Odours and Miasmas and encourage you to take a special interest in the many pleasurable smell sensations which come our way - and, perhaps, in actually training your nosing ability!

One World One Scentful Air

“Forests …
are in fact the world’s air-conditioning
system — the very lungs of the planet —
and help to store the largest body of freshwater
on the planet ………. essential to produce food for our
planet’s growing population. The rainforests of the
world also provide the livelihoods of more than
a billion of the poorest people on this Earth…
In simple terms, the rainforests, which encircle
the world, are our very life-support system—
and we are on the verge of switching it off.”
(Prince Charles - Speaking at the Presidential
Palace, Jakarta, Indonesia - 3 Nov 2008)

Welcome to WSD – may the scent be with you!

Declaration: Dr George Dodd declares a commercial interest in Aroma Academy and Perfume Academy

World Smell Day 2019 is sponsored by Aroma Academy™ and Perfume Academy™ - trading divisions of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited.